Beluga is Rick Gavin’s absolutely hilarious follow-up to last year’s Ranchero.

I started to sketch and brainstorm, but I have no vision for this. We don’t want to show a person (which is what Beluga is referencing). A landscape alone doesn’t seem like it could convey the funny, quirky aspects of the book. We wondered if the title was problematic.


Rick promptly replied. He did not see the title as being problematic to the cover art. He envisioned the cover as a large black tire, with the type BELUGA printed on the side of the tire, and a landscape in the background.

I’m gathering some preliminary images, just to sketch with. But looking at this I’m starting to worry. I just can’t see how a tire will carry the cover, and look interesting enough.

I’m trying to envision the title on the wheel. Will that be too confusing?

Clearly I need to do further exploration. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.