A Swift Illustration: Swift Run by Laura DiSilverio

Laura DiSilverio’s very funny and very charming Swift Run will be coming out soon.

When work on the visual began we knew that we wanted to feature our two lovable main characters Gigi and Charlie, and show that the story finds Gigi traveling to Aspen, Colorado.

Despite having almost no ability at drawing, I created these sketches of them on the ski lift.

I love the one on the left, with Gigi’s weight causing the seat to tilt — but he sketch at right is much better—it has far more danger, and far more fun.

Steven Noble illustrates these covers, and he is always polite enough to not laugh at my terrible sketches. Steve got to work immediately and submitted his sketch (left).

It looked fantastic! But I didn’t like the way that Charlie’s arm was twisted. It looked odd. So I sketched again (right) to show Steve a pose that I preferred. Steve fixed the drawing, and I shared it with others.

Back in our early concept meeting, the publisher and editor had liked the preliminary sketch that I had drawn, but there was a definite tone of doubt and uncertainty in their voices. Clearly this was due to my poor drawing skills, because in contrast, Steve’s sketch was met with enthusiasm.

In seemingly no time, Steve amazingly turned in another great finish. I love when the artwork make me smile in the same way that the book does.