Design Made Easy

Design is a process that can often have a very crooked path—one that meanders towards it’s goal, taking twists and turns, or branching into alternate directions. Sometimes the entire approach or goal can entirely change along the way. And there’s no knowing beforehand how things will evolve.

So it’s so great to have a project like this. We knew exactly what we wanted from the very start, and then took a fairly direct path towards it. It’s like the joy of walking into a clothing store knowing exactly what your seeking, finding it within a few minutes, and trying it on only to find that it’s a perfect fit.

Ice Cap is Chris Knopf’s very funny mystery featuring Jackie Swaitkowski—it’s a very fun read. Set during winter out in the Hamptons, Jackie has made the transition from lackadaisical, pot-smoking real estate lawyer to obsessive, pot-smoking criminal defense attorney.

I wanted to keep the look of Chris’s first book, Bad Bird, which was wonderfully illustrated by the very talented Simon Williams.

For the new book, my idea was a snowman on the beach in winter. I did the crude sketch below.

The editor and publisher were not 100% sold on the concept. They wanted try an image of Jackie standing on the tip of an iceberg sticking out of the water.

At that point, Simon took over and produced these two great sketches below.

Upon seeing Simon’s version of the snow man idea, the publisher and editor loved it. We all especially love the dagger/carrot in the heart and the broken arm. And a few short weeks later, everyone was even more delighted when the final visual came in.